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I'm baaaaaaaack............

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Hello again! So........after selling my 2006 RT a year ago (original owner, purchased new in Oct 2005), and going through a number of vehicles, I am now back in a Ridgeline! Just picked up a CPO 2013 RTL in dark cherry with only 13K miles on her! I'll have to say, driving her home felt like I was hanging out with an old friend! Looking forward to many years of service. Now, to get those windows tinted today......


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Congrats. Looks like a beauty.

Almost sad, isn't it, you buy a vehicle seven years newer and almost nothing has changed? I guess you could argue why change perfection!. Although, when I bought my 11 Canadian EXL it did bug me that my 2002 S10 had little features the Honda didn't. I do look forward to the tech catchup of my G2 Canadian Touring when it gets here, though there are still little things they are behind on... like why still light bulbs in the signal lights? To be fair, few cars have gone full LEDs on the directional lights. I guess the $50 controller is a deal breaker over the $5 flasher.
Congrats on your purchase & Welcome back to the ROC!
Congrats on your "New to you, G1"

Welcome to the ROC.

Good Luck and Enjoy the Ride!
Welcome back!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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