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In bed speakers.

  • Brilliant idea! I don't know why they haven't been offered until now.

    Votes: 76 42.7%
  • Stupid idea! A complete waste of time and engineering resources.

    Votes: 102 57.3%
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how many did they have left over?
Anyway, I dont think they ever advertised it well. Everyone that had one, loves it and would buy another and I know several people that bought one after the other. I looked at the 1st gen MANY many times but was holding off due to financial situations and the crappy gas mileage. Or I would have the Sport. I am glad waited.
and this also!
Since 2009 the RL has sale figures around 15K a year in the US. I don't consider that a leader. Where Millions of trucks are sold every year & Ford sales 3/4 a million a year.

By the way. I've owned my RL since 2010 and it has over 240K miles on it. I will have to replace it at some time. Not because I don't like it but because the miles will eventually start causing expensive items to break. I put roughly 30K to 40K a year on my truck. During hunting seasons it's in the woods most weekends. So it's not just a Mall Crawler.
1 - 7 of 140 Posts
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