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in-bed rack?

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Has anyone looked into an in-bed removable rack?
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Has anyone looked into an in-bed removable rack?
Sorry, but I don't even know what that means???:frown:
I'm assuming OP means something like this ...

It's too new a vehicle for anything to be on the market exclusively for G2 already, and it'll likely be a few months before a product gets through engineering teams. I'll bet the mock-ups are being designed or even fabricated as I type this.
Yes, I guess its called an over-bed rack, as opposed to an over roof rack. Anyone know the best brands for this type of rack?
My guess is they will most likely need a doner '17 RL so someone should get in touch with them right away. They are based in Madera, CA. Considering how many styles they had for the G1, I'd bet they will be making one for the G2
Their website now says that racks for 2017 Ridgeline are in development, so keep checking back. I will be interested in these, also.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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