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I am new to thjis group and I am also a new proud owner of a 2012 RTL. My question is what can I do to remove the white water marks in my bed. Ever since I first got my car from the dealer after they washed it there are white water spots in the balck truck bed.

We have very hard water here in the Las Vegas area. I tried cleaning it with soft water with sponge, cotton cloth, absorber, everythng and it clean upa little but becasue the truck bed is rough it only graps onto the rag etc and seems to make it scuffed up!

Any suggestions would be helpful. I want to wash it but don't want to make it with more spots that won't come off.

Thank you
Welcome to the ROC!

Try Bondo Restore Black. Here's one thread of many.

Also, get ready it for the "it's a truck" processional. Don't let the negative comments get you down.
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