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This is a follow-up to this RETRAX thread:

If you're a Canadian Ridgeline owner considering taking advantage of the RETRAX ROC discount offer, here are some facts and figures to help.

I spoke with Randy at RETRAX yesterday (June 29th). He confirmed that the $100 discount is still available to ROC members but he's not sure for how much longer before he pulls it.

The shipping charge for delivery to Canada is 85 US$ (104.55 Cdn$ using today's exchange rate of 1.23). They use FEDEX ground shipping with a delivery time of approximately 10 days (assume working days). If you want it quicker by FEDEX air express, double the shipping charge and add a $7 customs processing fee that FEDEX told me they will bill you for doing the customs paperwork on air shipments.

I contacted Canadian Customs. They will charge you GST plus provincial sales tax (HST in those provinces where applicable) on the Cdn$ value of the goods. The shipping cost will NOT be included in the calculation only IF it is listed seperately on the invoice. Confirm that it's seperate when ordering. I don't believe this will be an issue though.

So here's what it all adds up to, using Ontario as the delivery destination:

970.47 Cdn$ (789.00 US$ discount price X 1.23 exchange)
+ 104.55 Cdn$ (shipping)
+ 145.57 Cdn$ (GST+PST on 970.47)

= 1220.59 Cdn$ total

For those thinking of waiting to buy from a Canadian retailer, here's something to digest.

I visited the local distributor, Hitch City [], in Mississauga yesterday. Note: They also have locations in Scarborough and Barrie (site of "LIVE 8" on July 2nd!).
Believe it or not, I had to insist that yes RETRAX does have a tonneau for the Ridgeline now! I almost had to show them some of Ultra-HOG's pix!
Their retail price for the RETRAX tonneau cover is 1299 Cdn$ plus $100 for installation. (That's double their normal install charge because of Ridgeline's "unique design"! OH REALLY?!) Expect a two-hour install time. Right now they figure it'll take about three weeks after ordering to get one in.
For comparisons sake, here's Hitch City's tax-included total = 1493.85 Cdn$ (not including installation charge).

For those interested in the ACCESS cover, Hitch City is taking orders for them now. Retail price: $699 + taxes (includes installation).

OMT. Ultra-HOG recommends getting the lock cover when ordering your RETRAX. Price: 4 US$.

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Have you found the cover to be weather proof? Did you include the tailgate gap seal on the install (I may be looking at an old brochure but it is optional...)

Thanks for the info.:

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