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Innovative bike rack solution

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Installed a new bike rack, the 'fast rack' which has a very clever alternating wheel basket design so that the handle bars are staggered providing more room without the bikes hitting each other. Pictures show my 4 bike set up. Bikes lift in and out without straps or wheel removal, very simple approach and a great outcome. Important points for Ridgeline: the rack features L shaped brackets and Ridgeline has nothing for them to mount to. The rack as shipped will not work with Ridgeline as Ridgeline has no rails. I resolved this by having a local metal fabricator make modified L brackets as pictured. The modification kept the same specs, excepting increasing the bracket length. I have the factory tonneau cover and the rails for that are mounted along the sides of the flatbed as pictured. This provides an excellent mount point for the modified longer bracket. Great outcome and great rack far cheaper than brand names form sports stores too. To be clear, the rack as purchased will not work without some modifications like those I have mentioned here. I should also mention that rack is very solid and appears to be a from a small scale manufacturer.


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That's a slick setup, thanks very much for posting!
Sweet! It's a shame that the bed isn't just a little bit longer to allow a mountain bike to fit in straight on.
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