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I just did this install myself. Thanks for all the insight fellas. I recovered every screw. The screw out and in, is the tedious part of the job. Of course the screw does not stick to a magnetic screw driver. That’d be too easy.
Issues I had :
1 rocker snapped its clip receiver base if you will, off. I glued it back on but wth.
Another rocker partially snapped a clip. So yea youll need some force to slide the panel back to free it but beware its still just plastic.
Another issue was oddly enough, the front door panels were missing 1 drill mark on the forward end of each one. Again wth. No problem though I pressed the chrome trim bolt against the rocker making its own mark and then drilled it.
I love the bling but on a RTL-E, this trim piece should have been factory installed and not an option imho
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The clip receiver that cleanly sheared off when sliding the panel for removal.
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