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is buying an affected vehicle a bad idea?

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I have been in negotiation with a private party on craigslist for a couple weeks. Neither of us knew about this issue until i was browsing this website. I was planning on picking the truck up tomorrow.

What should i do now? Do i have more leverage in the negotiations?

I contacted the local honda dealership and they would provide me with a loaner if need be.

Thanks for any advice!
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What is its afffection? If you're speaking of the air bag recall then I wouldn't worry about it - the dealer will take care of it (eventually).
If you mean something else then let us know specifics.
This recall (affecting millions of cars, not just Ridgelines) is a huge mess.

The good news is that Honda is providing loaners to affected customers that request them - but note that you might not get another pickup to drive (the rental agencies only have so many of them). I don't know of any other car company that is doing this for their customers, even for customers who buy from a 3rd party.

You do have leverage in the price negotiations, as you'd be buying a truck that (theoretically) you can't drive for several months. OTOH, the seller might just decide to sell to someone else and not disclose this (unethical, and possibly illegal, but it could happen..)

Chip H.
You didn't state what the defect was. There's been numerous recalls on all brands of vehicles. This one's not like the volkswagon diesel engine problem. I don't think you should let it bother you any. But it would be nice to know what you're talking about. If it's the airbag issue they'll get it straightened out. Without any problems in the future. Airbags are replaced all the time. If you were able to talk them down some more, on the price, that's even better. Go ahead and buy the truck and enjoy it. I am joyed my immensely.
Assuming you mean the airbag recall, as of today, I would not buy a Ridgeline until we have all the facts on the recall inflator install. There is a stop order on the installation of inflators on Ridgelines only. And no valid info as to exactly why. We just don't know. If it were me, I would tell your seller that as soon as they clear the stop order (might be tomorrow, might be months), then you can finish the deal.
my bad, i meant the airbag recall. Whats a good price for a 2007 rts with 110k with pending recall?
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