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We're all waiting for deliveries to begin.

I thought that it might be a good idea to to be alert to issues that have occurred in the other models sharing the Ridgeline platform when we get our new Ridgelines.

Some of the issues likely won't affect us where we don't have corresponding parts / construction to the Pilot / MDX.

Here goes [with thanks to Piloteers and MDX forums]:

1. FM radio reception issues
2. - DOOR UNLOCK/LOCK setting : resets back to default.
3. REMOTE START : works intermittently or sometimes not at all.
If shut off by using the key, won't remote start again.
4. FLASHING LIGHT SHOW : warning lights flash on, apparently
caused by misfire. Seen in both Pilot and MDX, per forums.
6. FIT AND FINISH and gap issues.
7. NAV/ENTERTAINMENT SCREEN scratches - use screen

Some issues we likely won't have:

1. 9 speed tranny issues
2. Rear cabin sqeaks and rattles [we won't have the a
similar rear cabin.]
3. Rear shock noises [Sachs shocks [per forum] on MDX reported
to have loud and even booming noises. I heard similar sounds on
2016 model test drive.]
4. Apple and android issues were with prior forms of this software.
[Here's hoping.]

Sounds like there has been plenty of time for Honda and its suppliers
to address the issues, but as seen before, some issues never seem
to get addressed until a new build replaces the offending part /
Great Post....

Note that I'll be selling my entirely reliable Tacoma after I take
delivery of the Ridgeline, that I currently have 5 Honda motorcycles,
and have owned Hondas on and off since 1980. Any one want to
buy a Honda motorcycle?
Well since your profile says nothing about your location, it's really hard for anyone who may be interested in the motorcycles to have any idea where you are and what it may take once you actually buy one.

Once you get to 25 posts, you can post with pictures in the Trading Post these motorcycles. The ROC is full of a diverse mix of Honda Owners and Honda Users, you may find a sale after all.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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