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Jumping in

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Hello all,

Just bought a 2007 RTS today. Private deal. 84k miles, clean as a whistle, just needs tires and the TB eventually. Going to DMV Monday to get the ppwk started. Paid $10,500. I think I did well.
I just wanted to say howdy and introduce myself. I am from Long Island, NY
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Welcome and congratulation with the new car. Good choice! :act030:
Welcome to the ROC in October 2007 a bunch for Ridgeline Owners gathered in Long Island NY at one of the Vineyards for a Tour and we had lunch there outside all Ridgeline trucks parked together we made a stop at Apple Honda on the way. It was the North East & Mid Atlantic Chapters of the Ridgeline Owners Club. Not sure if any pictures of that event are still on here or not we got our made T-shirts with Ridgeline and map tour and date.
Would be in Northeast section 2007.
Just check the old Ridgeline Meet section Northeast section October 2007 dates and pictures are still there for Apple Honda in River Head and up at the Vineyard with us wearing our black Ridgeline Meet T-shirts. I ordered about 3 or 4 when they made them up. Apple Honda gave us one of theirs as well.
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