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I currently drive a 2012 x5, its great for daily and comfort, but it can't haul anything, unless I tow a dolly or trailer.

how are the honda ridge line series?

I see quite a bit of these in brooklyn.
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Most of the folks on this forum seem very satisfied with their RL & a good percentage of us (me included) really love the 2G. The 2G AWD can tow 5K lbs while the FWD can tow 3500 lbs. The 1G still has quite the (well deserved) following too and resale prices show they're still popular.

Both are great trucks - good luck with your research!
Welcome aboard. I think you would find a Ridgeline to be a very versatile vehicle.

Ditto to everything Tidewater wrote above. But we use a lot of shorthand here on this forum. So here is a partial decoder key:

RL = Ridgeline

1G or G1 = 1st Generation Ridgeline (2006-2014)

2G or G2 = 2nd Generation Ridgeline (2017+)

The G1/1G Ridgeline only came in AWD.

The G2/2G is available in AWD or FWD.

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Welcome to the ROC & good luck with your research!
Welcome to the ROC

Good Luck & Enjoy the Ride!
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