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K&N Air Filter Now Available

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K&N is now shipping an air filter for the Ridgeline. (For those not familiar with K&N, they offer cloth washable high-flow air filters that offer better performance than paper filters.) The part number is 33-2323. Several of their online retailers have them for sale.

Product information:

Merchants offering this model (as of this writing):

http://www.performanceproductsfilte...3660&name=K&N Air Filters&part=166507&type=20
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I wouldn't have one, but let us know how you like it when you install it. I'd be interested in knowing if it actually improves your gas mileage or not.
Beware, the use of K&N air filters may be dangerous to the health of your Ridgeline. Search the forums for other info.

Bad news!
I would HIGHLY advise NOT using a K&N air filter on the Ridgeline.

Do it at your own risk. What risk? Excessive amounts of oil getting on sensitive ares of the intake. Rough idle may result.

Stick with Purolator or something paper form.
I'll second / 3rd and so on the Stay away from K&N...dont get me wrong, K&N is great if you have an older vehicle, or a super modified newer one. I put one on an 04 jeep wrangler, come to find out my mileage went down! when you alter air intake, you need to modify way more factors that I can remember them telling me . Mostly you need to overide computor settings for many applications.
Does anyone else remember the days when most cars had oiled air filters. They don't anymore because paper is a far superior filtering medium. Paper - more restriction - better filtration. Oiled - less restriction - less filtration. The tradeoff is more dirt going through your engine.
The issue that my Dodge Ram w/ Cummins Diesel had was that the oil from any of the oiled filters would end up coating the air intake O2 sensor causing the computer to malfunction resulting in having to clean the O2 sensor very frequently. Don't know if RL's have air intake O2 sensors, but seems to me if the air is coming in, so are any volitiles in the filter.

I'm sticking w/ paper.

I installed K&N's FIPK II kit on my Tahoe, and I did notice quite a bit more throttle response (and noise from the intake), however I think my gas mileage actually worsened. I would get 13 mpg easy or drive hard, so I just kept my foot in it all the time, it didn't matter. I drove for 20,000 miles that way. Also, the downside to having the whole kit installed is that the engine size/code (at least on GM vehicles) is on the air intake/box. So, everytime I had any service done, I always had to TELL THEM it was the 5.3L V8, not the 4.8L.

I also had the A.E.M. Kit installed on my '02 Acura TL-S, but that sucker performed flawlessly! However, the filter that was with the A.E.M. kit WAS a K&N oil job, and my Acura never skipped a beat...always got 18-20 in town...driving hard (for 45,000 miles)!

Good luck, but for now I am sticking with all OEM is engineered this way for a reason!
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