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Kenwood DNX9990HD Install

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Installed my Kenwood DNX9990HD GPS Navigation System today, list price was $1299.

I bought the AXXESS steering wheel control interface from Crutchfield and they sent me a Ridgeline Master sheet that I thought would show step-by-step instructions. It showed how to remove the doors panels for speaker replacement, and how to remove the dash for Stereo replacement but not enough info about wiring or programming etc. Thankfully everything I needed is right here on the ROC and this install was a lot of fun. All the wiring adapters and harnesses that Crutchfield supplies are actually made by a different company (news to me). So I bought mine on ebay. I purchased the Scosche HA11B car stereo connector (wiring harness) , the HAAB Antenna Adapter and the HA1579B Double Din Installation Trim Kit on ebay, all for $20.

The Scosche wiring harness had a wire of every color as the wires in the harness that came with the Kenwood, plus a few extra that I will explain below.

I did my wire connections on the kitchen table and put the Installation Trim kit on the new headunit the night before. This allowed me to have everything ready and gave me the confidence to know where each wire was going before I ever got in the RL. I used spade connectors and insulation tape where possible. I was able to set a step stool on top of the center storage (with it pulled forward) when making the final connections between the HU and the RL harness.

Here is a list of what I did:-
Connect all the same colored wires between the Scosche and Kenwood wiring harnesses.

The Scosche has an extra orange wire that is not used. (This orange wire gets connected to the orange/white wire for dimming in different HU’s).

Purple wire marked Reverse was hooked up as follows. (There are two green wires in the harness, use the skinny one).

Brown mute wire was not used.

Blue 'Ant Cont' wire from HU was not used for my setup. I connected the blue wire from the Antennae Adapter to a red 12V switched wire. If you do it any other way radio reception will be very weak and scratchy. (Antennae adapter came from Crutchfield).

Green Park Switch wire is to prevent watching movies in motion. Simply ground this wire and you override this limitation. I ran mine through a rocker switch I put in the space next to the VSA push button before grounding, to override the override.

Blue/yellow Remote Cont wire to Brown wire of 3.5 jack from AXXESS SWC. Brown/white from AXXESS SWC 3.5 jack not used.
Grey/Red from AXXESS SWC to Pin 16 (dark green wire with red stripe and silver dots) of the Ridgeline harness. I used a quick splice and put it behind the RL connector as I didn’t know how to add a pin to the Scosche connector. See Pic below.

I also added the Kenwood CMOS-310 rear view camera with the 2009 tailgate handle with the camera hole. I used silicone packed around the camera to hold it in place and help make it waterproof. The 2009 tailgate handle will fit all model years.

(The switch I installed to the right of the VSA switch was my over-ride for been able to watch the DVD on the HU while the car was in motion. I later bought a 'park brake bypass' on ebay that does that without the switch).

I have yet to play with the DNX9990HD to see how it works. Updates will be forthcoming.


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I'm having a Kenwood DNN990HD installed, maybe this weekend...

You used an '09 tailgate handle for the camera, did they move the camera to the handle sometime after '06? The '06 has the camera mounted by itself like a big wart on the tailgate. If that is the case, would you know if the '09 tailgate handle fits the '06?

What is the brand of surround you used, it seems to match your lower sections with the flasher button perfectly?'

I realize after looking at your install, I will need to order the flasher/cubby insert, my stock NAV/radio and volume is there now. Hopefully it will fit without issue.

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