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Kenwood Excelon DNX893S HU Install

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The Kenwood DNX893S was to be released last month. CarPlay certification seems to be the cause for the delay.

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I will update this post when I do the install. For now I wonder if anyone has a left over pocket that sits below the Head Unit (see pic 2 below), for when I update my SE.

Current setup in SE

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Future setup with DNX893S (DNX9990HD pictured)

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Which steps of have to be done to route a wire through the hole behind the left rear seat as in your last photo? I'm trying to run from a new head unit to a new backup camera mounted on the tag holder.



Here is the cable routing for the rear view cam. The yellow on the bottom left corner of the rear wall. The hole was already there and the camera came with a grommet that fit nicely in that hole. The hole above that one is the wires for my DIY tailgate lock. The larger cable roll on top is for the rear lights etc.
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I finished it yesterday using the supplied license plate camera mount. I used the power off the head unit and followed the same wire route.



If you remove the rear seat and the bed panels you will see the hole where I passed the wire with the yellow tape on it. If there is a black rubber grommet in the hole remove it. Put a hole in the grommet for the wire to pass through and replace. Then run the wire down the left side to the tailgate and replace the bed panels.

From the head unit I ran the wire behind the pedals and under the left floor boards {inside the doors} and through the rear wall, along the left bed side and followed other wire going into the tailgate. Where the wire might be damaged I used wire loom.

I remember looking at the Handa instruction for parts reference. Since my camera didn't need power from the rear lights I didn't have to remove the light, the bumper, or mess with the control box under the seat. Sounds like your camera will plug into the back of your new HU too.

Consider changing out your tailgate handle for one with a hole for the camera. I think it's a neater install.

Good Luck with your install.
1 - 2 of 41 Posts
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