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Kenwood Excelon DNX893S HU Install

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The Kenwood DNX893S was to be released last month. CarPlay certification seems to be the cause for the delay.

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I will update this post when I do the install. For now I wonder if anyone has a left over pocket that sits below the Head Unit (see pic 2 below), for when I update my SE.

Current setup in SE

Vehicle Electronics Car Multimedia Vehicle audio

Future setup with DNX893S (DNX9990HD pictured)

Electronics Electronic device Technology Screen Gadget
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Looking for an update. I'm having this HU installed in about a week.

The shop is pretty sure they can use the factory antenna for XM but I'm skeptical.
So mine is installed and mostly working fine. I've had this one glitch though: CarPlay seems to "crash". It'll be playing music fine and just stop. Then CarPlay seems to die. If I unplug the phone and plug it back in then it comes back. But then it also has lost the settings for the Xover. Not the settings for the EQ or anything, just the settings for the Xover. It's the weirdest thing.
So I'm on my second unit with the same glitches so it's software. CarPlay crashes and somehow takes out my Xover settings which is odd. (Restoring them is easy.) I'm pretty happy with it otherwise so far. The entire system sounds great.

I do notice that your unit is installed much more "recessed" than mine is, and I kinda like that. Mine is sticking out a little bit. You have the top of the unit about flush with the top of the kit and mine isn't like that at all. (Suppose I should add a pic or something.) I certainly couldn't fix it, I might ask them to "slide it back" more, but I don't know if things are a tight fit or what. Or maybe I shouldn't care and just enjoy it. :)

BTW for Steering Wheel control I did the iDatalink Maestro RR. Getting the gauges on the HU is pretty badass. I can check battery voltage. Helped me figure out I needed a new battery. (Northstar FTW.)
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Not sure if this is what you need but the DNX893S has screen angle tilt memory. When you power up the unit press the furthermost button to the right. Select number 1 and press memory.
Surprising about you getting the gauges on the HU. Cool.
Not really. See the attached image. Basically, at "0", the top of the screen sticks out past the kit. Yours is recessed more and I think I like the look of that better.

Sadly replacing the unit didn't fix my problems, and reading on the Kenwood forums I'm not the only one.

Yes, the gauges are very cool. Also, see attached. :)


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Mine sticks out at 0 also. I used the Metra 95-7870G — Trim Kit provided by Crutchfield with my DNX893S HU purchase and keep the tilt on 1 with the memory function.
Yours seems way more recessed than mine. They said they can do it to mine if I go in for a bit. I will do that when I go in for the final tune. They want me to come back in about 3 months once I've broken the speakers in.
I've been researching 'getting the gauges'. Chrutchfield says it's not an option for the 2014 Ridgeline. Any input appreciated.
Crutchfield appears to be wrong.

SEARCH RESULTS FOR Honda 2014 Ridgeline Factory Navigation

I chose those results because your RL had factory nav. Mine doesn't. You need the RR version to get gauges.
I specifically bought an RTL without Navi, so I don't have those buttons. I got the right RR module and had the long press of the mode button mapped to voice command. I don't have "place call" or "hang up" mapped to anything. The other buttons are "stock", but the long press of the volume down does a mute.
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