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As some may know the hard way (EG: ME), the FOB can be defeated using a cheap RFID Relay Amplifier if they can get close enough to your unprotected FOB (as in, just outside your home or where you are shopping etc). These devices are cheap online, or can be made easily by anyone with basic electronics knowledge. Wired magazine suggests putting your FOB in the freezer, as it acts as a good Faraday cage (google that: 'faraday cage'). A microwave oven works too, BUT never turn it on while the FOB is in it! (you might be surprised at how many people think it's OK to warm up their coffee at the same time...

Another option is to make yourself, or get someone handy to do it for you, a FOB Foiler. You just need some aluminum foil and Duct Tape (Canadian, Eh).

This will stop any attempt to spoof your FOB... but, remember to take your FOB out or your vehicle will not recognize you. Just make sure the foil is compete, it must fully enclose the FOB when closed.


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