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KPTech - Windows UP Install Instructions with PIX

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This is my thanx for the endless knowledge I have gleaned from this site.

For tools:
- I use a butane torch for all soldering. I hate solder irons after 1 time using these torches. I bought them to light cigars in a hurricane; don't laugh, sometimes out golfing the wind gets rough. PS: They work!!! 1500 degrees instantly. 2 years ago on ebay these were 5 for $20 (with shipping). They refill with regular butane for lighters.
- I have a fiberglass protector they sell at home depot in plumbing section. It protects 2x4's and walls when sweating copper. Probably still ~ $15.

I found the included install instructions VERY confusing, certainly when it came to getting rear window to work. Web research was no help, I had to figure it out. Heres what I did:

1. Remove Door panel.
a. In the recessed part of arm-rest, there is a small cover at the bottom. Use a wire or something to remove it. Underneath is a screw on an angle, remove that.
b. Remove the small cover behind the door handle (the one you use to open door). Behind it are two screws, 7mm, remove them.
c. Dis-engage the door handle and remove it. This will expose 3 phillips screws, remove them.
d. Pull the door panel out at bottom; work your way around. There are 6? plastic xmas tree clips. Once they are all out, pull panel UP and it will come right off. I had to remove the small trip by rearview mirror. Using fingers, pry that back at the top and the bottom will pivot out.
e. Remove all connectors attached to door panel. Don't worry about which goes where, they only can go one way and the wires bundles are kinda set in their favorite position.
f. At this point the door panel should be off.
2. You are ready to start wiring.
a. Disconnect the relay from socket.
b. Disconnect HR20 module from socket.
c. Remove fuse from socket.
d. There is not special order to wiring, which goes first. I started at the big white connector. Here is a general overview of job site, I call this Picture 6.

Wire Electrical wiring Technology Electronic device Cable

e. Continue wiring per wiring diagram. Use these pix as reference:

Picture 1:
Cable management Electrical wiring Wire Cable Electronics

Picture 2:
Wire Technology Electrical wiring Electronic device Electronics

Picture 4: Please be careful around that small bundle. The wires are very tight, very little play. I damaged one stripping bundle, thus the repair job you see in pic.
Vehicle Car Compact car

Picture 5:
Wire Electrical wiring Cable Technology Electrical supply

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Re: KPTech - Windows UP Install Instructions with PIX - 2nd half

See previous post for beginning;

Picture 3:
Glass Wire Electrical wiring Technology Electronic device

Picture 6:
Wire Electrical wiring Technology Electronic device Cable

Picture 7: I included pic7 to show the invaluable tool I have. At that photo, I was wiring per install instructions included in kit. THEY ARE WRONG for 2007. The correct wire for 2007 is Blue with WHITE stripe. Search web for "Helping Hands solder" and you will get many hits. This tool runs about $10 delivered.
Wire Electrical wiring Auto part Technology Cable

Picture 8: - Pretty much a final view before button-up. I found the exact location of module/relay is not too important. When I put door panel back on, I reached up underneath and moved the module a hair and it pretty much fell into the void where the arm-rest is. The panel closed just as easy as it should. No force, no bulging at all.
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I encourage you to confirm this wiring before starting. For the relay, there is some understanding that Blue-with-RED-stripe is for 2006 and Blue-with-WHITE-strip is 2007. I have 2007 and used Blue-with-WHITE-stripe as shown in drawing.
Text Line Diagram Font Parallel

I welcome ALL comments and again, I appreciate all this site has helped me with.

Next I will post the sunroof module I installed as well.

As for disclaimer..... I am not responsible, proceed at own risk etc....

Thanx, and good luck, Tom
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This is exactly what I was looking for... Thank you.. I will try to do the rear window today!
Thanks for the post. It was very helpful. I did the install today. One difference between your instructions and my install was the color of the wires. My rear window module has the following: 85 - white, 30 - black, 86 - red, 87 - green, and 87A - blue. Also, I used the blue/white wire. My RL is a 2006. I never looked up the build date, but I bought it in April 2005 so it is one the the early ones. (Practically an antique.:rolleyes: )
Nice write up.

Do NOT wire the relay based off of color, you MUST use pin numbers. There is no 'standard' wire colors for relays and the sockets we use use different colors.

Thank you!
Thank you! Even though I haven't received my modules yet, I looked through the installation instructions and did find them very confusing.
I'm not sure if anyone has checked out our support forum, but we have quite a bit of info there about this module as well -
Hey, that's awesome - I've wondered why Honda didn't include a 'remote up' feature. Is there any programming to be done or is it essentially 'plug-n-play'? Does it require one module/window (4 modules for typical install)?
Only one unit is needed for all windows - it mounts in the drivers side door.

There is no programming needed, but it is not 'plug and play' either. The unit has to be hard wired. There are 5 total wires (not including the back slider).

The group buy will be honored for a few more days, so don't miss your chance to get one at a 35% discount.
Only one unit is needed for all windows - it mounts in the drivers side door.

There is no programming needed, but it is not 'plug and play' either. The unit has to be hard wired. There are 5 total wires (not including the back slider).
Ahh, sure. I just meant no software work or programming the remote. This is a Really Cool Thing.

The group buy will be honored for a few more days, so don't miss your chance to get one at a 35% discount.
I'm on my way now - thanks!
Did my installation yesterday. I ended up using every available resource: this thread, KPTech installation instructions and the forum on KPTech. Even with all three I was confused a bit about the wiring of 87A and 30 pins of the rear window relay. In the end, the easiest place to access the wire (Blue/White) was the rear window switch wiring harness plug. It is the blue plug that is smaller then the main harness plug. This wire is the only one that needs to be cut. Pin 30 is connected to the motor side of the blue/white wire and 87A is connected to the switch side of the wire.
I know this is an old thread, but wanted to chime in. I just did my install today, and thanks to all the pics and info, the install went great. I took things one step further by slitting the plastic and unwrapping about 6 inches of the main wire loom. I was able to tug/trace all of the wires in order to make all of my splices in one area, which made for a clean finish.

I used a smaller, weatherproof mini fuseholder, although I find the process redundant. According to the diagram, the relay is fuse protected, but the module is not. I debated leaving it out, but in the end went with KPT's design and fuse rating.

I found and flagged each wire first, then t-joint soldered, coated with brush-on insulation, taped and wire-loomed, and then secured with zip-ties and "sticky-back" tie holders.

I wish I'd taken more pictures (and time) but I was simultaneously watching my 7 month-old (in play-pen/ walker, etc.) so I had my mind and hands duly occupied. ;)

Everything connected except the ground. I did that one after the others had been sealed in order to prevent any shorts. I should have disconnected the battery after tracing all the wires, but I was comfortable (cocky) and lucky.

I had to relocate the bundle about 2" higher after this picture due to clearance issues with the door panel.
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did this on my TSX, it's a fantastic feature I use all the time, gonna have to
do it on my Ridge as well, thank you for the great instructions.
this is an old thread but ive found the website address might be interesting for roc member
Thanks for the revival. It's a worthy mod.
The window rollup module is the best mod i have made to date on my RL. I use it every day...highly recommended.
I sent Kevin an email asking if he would do another group buy soon
I missed it. What's the purpose of doing this?
automatically roll up any windows that are down when you lock your truck with the remote.
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