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Leak- oil or coolant?

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So I noticed a small stain on my garage floor after my BE sat there for a week while I was on vacation.

It's located at the very front below the radiator, slightly to the driver's side from center. To me, it looks brownish like oil would but I'm a colorblind fool. Any thoughts on if this is oil or coolant?

I'm bringing it to the dealer tomorrow morning to be checked.


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So it turns out that the transmission cooler is leaking at the fitting. I've attached a pic which isn't great but shows the location.

It's going to be 2 or 3 days before the parts come in to fix it. They put me in a 2016 CRV loaner. Not the end of the world but it looks like Joe's warning holds some water here...
My VIN ends in 02661 I believe. The joys of being an early adopter!
I'm glad you found the problem. Not a big deal. Much better than my 2010 RL leaking water on the inside when it rained. Not just a little water either, enough to soak the drivers side carpet thoroughly. A body seam didn't get caulked at the factory and this was the fourth year of production. It was an issue on the earlier ones too. So I wouldn't feel too bad about being an early adopter. I have yet to purchase a perfect vehicle no matter if its first year design or fourth year design.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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