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Leak- oil or coolant?

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So I noticed a small stain on my garage floor after my BE sat there for a week while I was on vacation.

It's located at the very front below the radiator, slightly to the driver's side from center. To me, it looks brownish like oil would but I'm a colorblind fool. Any thoughts on if this is oil or coolant?

I'm bringing it to the dealer tomorrow morning to be checked.


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How many miles? The engine oil in mine is still light yellow after 2 weeks and 600 miles - you can hardly see it on the dipstick. The coolant is blue. The brake fluid is almost clear - slightly yellow. The transmission fluid is pinkish-red. The iVTM-4 fluid is pink. The transfer assembly oil is dark yellow. There is no power steering fluid, as stated. The washer fluid is clear. The refrigerant oil is clear. The refrigerant itself is a gas outside of the system. The struts have oil, but it wouldn't be leaking under the engine compartment. The only other fluid I can think of is in the motor mounts, but I don't know what color it is.

EDIT: See this thread about a leaking motor mount in a G1.
So it turns out that the transmission cooler is leaking at the fitting. I've attached a pic which isn't great but shows the location.

It's going to be 2 or 3 days before the parts come in to fix it. They put me in a 2016 CRV loaner. Not the end of the world but it looks like Joe's warning holds some water here...
My VIN ends in 02661 I believe. The joys of being an early adopter!

Interesting. From your photo, it's difficult to tell whether it's leaking from between the threads and the 90º elbow or the threads and the nut or extension tube. Either way it looks like either a defective fitting on the cooler, the nut wasn't tightened properly or cross-theaded, or a faulty flare/compressing fitting. At least it's not an engine oil leak that requires removal and disassembly of the engine! I still find the color of the oil/fluid interesting. The transmission fluid is clearly pink, not brown.
On a side note. They originally put me in a 2016 CRV for a loaner. Couple hours later they called to say that it had actually been sold and needed it back. Too funny.
They gave me a 2016 Highlander instead.
Nice SUV, and would probably buy one if I didn't prefer a pickup.
I assume you are referring to the Highlander?

I absolutely LOVED the '16 CR-V Touring I bought and drove for two months - definitely one of my favorite vehicles of all time, strangely enough. It just "fit" me. I secretly miss it and hated to let it go, but I didn't want to unnecessarily tie up $70,000 in vehicles. The Ridgeline is quieter, smoother, faster, more comfortable, and more capable, but the CR-V was more efficient and more maneuverable and had a "cuteness" that my Ridgeline lacks.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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