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Leaks and mold

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I have an 06 RTL, bought in 08 with low miles. For a while it was a daily driver and then it was just used occasionally. I really don't know when it started leaking but did notice some wet floors that seemed to dry out easily. My wife did leave it parked a couple of times with windows down or the sunroof or back window open, always seemed to dry.
We went to get into it a couple of weeks ago and there was mold covering everything. We cleaned it with ammonia and got rid of the surface stuff and ordered a "mold bomb" that was highly rated to kill any spores, ventilation system was run to push it through there too.
I needed to replace the headliner and figured I should do the carpet as well so I gutted the truck today. Wasn't too bad, only took a few hours.

Behind the rear seat there is a piece of sound deadener and it was really moldy. I was by myself so it was hard to be inside and direct water but I did set it up to spray the roof, my driveway is a hill and it is pointed up. I immediately noticed water pooling up and leaking in the slider part of the back window. I have the C-pillar trim off and directed water at that but found no leaks, I think I might turn it around and look for other known spots. The rear window leaking could easily be a source to cause that rear insulation to soak up water.

Anyone have any ideas or would like to see some pics of a gutted truck? :nerd:
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Wife got home and hopped in while I sprayed, definitely coming in right rear C-Pillar. There's 2 leaks.
I had a leak in the front firewall. Some sealent hadn't stuck. Under warranty all the rugs were replaced and the dealer completely washed the interior with vinegar. Drives well and smells better now, no creaks or rattles. I have been pulling off different panels when I have time to check that everything has been put back together properly, I haven't found any problems yet. A common cause of leaks has been from the roof rack attachment points. If tightened down to much the seal is broken and water gets in. A search of this site should help if that is your case. Sorry for you trouble man, leaks are a pain.


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Carsmak, you are going to put Google out of business. We should call you Googlemak. ;)
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Looks like a busy weekend ahead
Follow up, a year later and everything has been great.

Steps taken:
1. Cleaned all mold with vinegar and then used a "mold bomb" (to help clean out vents)
2. Removed the interior except dashboard.
3. Sprayed water to see if we could find leaks, right rear C pillar leaking, fixed according to TSB and verified no more leaks.
4. Water leaking in rear window, cleaned out tracks and drains, verified no longer leaking.
5. Performed the TSB on both A pillars (I know it was only supposed to be for the right one but there were signs of water coming in on the left side as well.
6. Cleaned the hell out of the interior parts using "Biocide 100"
7. Replaced carpet.
8. While sitting in my driveway doing this I came home from lunch to find the right front fender caved in with a broken headlight and damaged bumper. Both the sheriff and I agreed it looked like the mailman did it and took off, WONDERFUL!
9. Attempted to glue down a new headliner, bad idea, found a guy local that did it for $125, wasted $50 on fabric and $10 on glue, live and learn.
10. Installed all of the interior and detailed the exterior where I could.
11. Off to the body shop, I worked out a deal on the damage that they didn't install the fog lights or the plastic bull bar, I supplied a new pair of headlights, money saved got me a new bumper cover installed on the rear (was lightly rear ended 7 years ago and never fixed it), then to Honda to get the airbags replaced under recall
12. The smell was a little odd for about a month or 2 of daily driving but went away, ZERO mold anywhere.
13. Just had 4 new tires and new struts installed, vehicle is great, hopefully I can drive it for ten more years.
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