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Leather interior requires GPS

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I have had a theory about Honda's bundling of options with GPS only being available with top build spec. My assumption is correct, leather disorients you and requires GPS.

I moved from a 2006 RTS to a 2013 RTL-Navi and Blue Tooth. I have all of about 20 miles on this car and find I am very disoriented, trying to figure out GPS, Blue Tooth, adjusting to view in back up camera, XM radio and trying to display analog clock. It has made this Geezer a distracted driver needing all the help I can get, probably would get lost without GPS.

How do you get back to analog clock? After starting with radio on it reverts to clock after about a minute, if GPS or audio is selected it does not revert to clock and I see no control to get there?
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Ha! Interesting theory! :grin:

In case you don't have it, here is a link to the Nav System Operation Manual. Maybe there is something in there that will answer your question about the clock display?

I had that same experience!

*From the main navigation/radio screen, push the "back arrow".

*then select "info" button

*then select "clock/wallpaper" button

*it should then revert back to the analoq clock screen

Just noticed the OP has a 2013, so it may differ from my 2017.

Hope this helps. I love the black/red "Ridgeline Black Edition" screen that a poster shared on this forum. I use it even though I have an RTL-T.
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Evets F,

Since pictures are often easier to learn from, here you go. Let me know if you need more information.

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Thank you that is helpful. I used the setup screen to select clock type. Felt it odd that when first starting up the car with radio on clock will appear after a minute or so. Once GPS or Audio is selected it will not revert back to clock with out going to the set up menu again from what you show.

Still learning the systems on this truck and I am still driving my old one until the mud subsides around my house.
The GPS too I need to spend some time with, the voice prompt only seems to work when you hit voice near an instruction point, getting to the next instruction point she is quiet again unless I hit the voice button again, I will figure this out after some time with the truck I am sure.
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Evets F,

The lawyers have complicated the startup sequence with the navigation (i.e. it's something we have to live with). The other issue you've identified is a design flaw with Honda's Handsfreelink system. Hopefully, it has gotten better in the 2017 (Gen2) Ridgeline.

Honda should swallow their pride for a moment and examine FCA's Uconnect system. In my opinion, it's the best in-car multi-function infotainment system in the business.
Evets F,

Hopefully, it has gotten better in the 2017 (Gen2) Ridgeline.


Nope. The fancy Garmin based system is dumber than ever and one would wish and beg for buttons. I guess the G2 owners are 'lucky' to have a volume knob. Go figure. :nerd:
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