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This may sound strange but I am wondering if anyone else has felt this problem.

When I sit on my leather seat it feels like the right side is slightly higher than the left due to the firmness of the seat on the right. Because of this, most of my weight is on my right side and it makes my right hip soar. I said nothing to my wife and when she drove the truck she said the same thing. In fact she then said she feels just the opposite on the right front seat.

If you look at the seat you can see that they are a bit asymetrical due to the seat belt on the right side.

Also, when I push down on the seat I can feel that the right side is slightly stiffer than the left.

I am not sure that this is a defect but rather the way the seat is desinged. It seems that this could go away once the leather is broken in. I am thinking that if I go to the dealer they will think I am nuts.

Has anyone else noticed this?
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