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Just ordered my RTL and am playing the waiting game. In the meantime I'm doing some research and I joined this forum group. This trim model does NOT come with Honda's LED lights or headlight housing. I was curious if anyone has attempted to install some aftermarket LEDs on the headlights, DRLs, and fogs? I've done some research and found two companies who offer some plug and play options that are reasonably priced. Honda can do an LED swap for only $570 per headlight haha! Yea right.

H11 XML2 LED (pair) - H11 and H11b - LED Bulbs - All Products

FluxBeam LED Headlights - OPT7

My question is whether or not there is 2 inches of room behind the bulb for the cooling fan to fit? Is there a dust cap behind Honda's halogen bulbs? Will installing these mess with the factory warranty? Any help is appreciated.
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