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You have been here for a while on ROC, next time please use the search. Your inquiry is like the 10th one I have come across in 4 weeks.
My advise though, do not skimp out on the bulbs. LED bulbs are not the greatest fit and do have a lot of scatter. Unlike the G2 blessed with a projector, our G1 was awful with halogens and they are even worse with brighter and/or ill fitting bulbs. You will be paying upwards of $150 for a decent pair of LED bulbs. I am speaking with experience and I wish I had not wasted my money on them.
What he said on buying a decent pair ^^

I tried to skimp and bought a couple of sets of cheap ones from ebay. They projected all over the place and had weird issues with high beam and low beam reversed with both sets. Although they were much brighter, I went back to halogens so I dont have to worry about these on long trips.
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