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LED Light Bar (4way) for bottom rear tailgate

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aloha all.....I live in Fountain, CO and drive a 2009 BaliBlu Pearl Ridgeline. I'm looking for an LED light bar/strip that will fit in the space below the rear tailgate. I'm sure some of you have noticed them on other trucks...way cool I think. I've done an on-line search and have purchased (based on seller's compatible chart) only having to return/refund due to item don't fit...too long, too thick, etc. Does anyone out there in Ridgeland know an after market add on that will suitably fit my Ridgeline? Or does Honda make an OEM specific (4-way) LED light bar/strip for the Ridgeline? Any info you may be able to provide is appreciated. I can be reached at email: "[email protected]" Mahalo for your time. AJ
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I think 49" is what you need? Do a search here for LED Tailgate...

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