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Leno throws a Tantrum

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A 1,600HP Dodge Charger - or at least - a vehicle that looks like a Charger. Beautiful ride. Leno is smart enough not to attempt nailing the throttle.

At the end, youtube made a suggestion for the video below. And I couldn't resist watching. Then I got pulled into this womans other videos, but I haven't subscribed yet. SCHWING!

This really belongs on the Random Organized Chaos thread. But I doubt anyone will mind it being here - much.
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Your a bad influence on us all!!!
Your a bad influence on us all!!!
The Charger is a stunning example of beauty, component selection, craftsmanship and the "laying-on-of-hands" resulting in awesome eye candy and perfection when the rubber-meets-the-road.

I'm thinking those may have been key words used to link this particular Leno's Garage segment to "Farm Girl's" video series. But that's just a guess.

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