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local dealership

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For all Ridgeline purchasers (current and future): how important is it to you that the dealership be local? Would you feel comfortable bringing in your truck to a dealer other than the one you purchased from for issues like the creaky steering wheel or windshield noise? Since I'm seriously considering going out of my way to buy one, this thought came to mind. I suppose if I were uncomfortable I could have some accessories installed and develop a relationship that way.
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Here's my take... the service department will continue to service you and treat you right in hopes that you will like the dealership enough to buy your next vehicle there. I bought my last car nearly 3 hours from here because I trusted the dealer, they wanted to sell me a vehicle at the right price and because it was the right thing to do. I think you have to look at the purchase as one transaction and all service visits as another. They're not going to treat you bad in service...they don't get commission. They do their job and 1/2 of it is to get you back in but up to the showroom. :)
I wouldn't be concerned with that. I might be concerned if the dealer you bought from added accessories and then the dealer closer to you had to fix them! Dealers never know if you just moved in or not, so they can't say much at all.
Not a problem. Dealers make most of their profit on service anyway. Most are happy to take you no matter where you bought it, hoping that you'll come to them for post-warranty work. That's where the real dollars are.
I was wait-listed at the local dealer, and when they didn't have the model I wanted, and I needed the truck, I bought it 1,000 miles away, where I was traveling anyway. I have no concerns about taking it to the local dealer, who lost the sale, for service. Service in this area is a competitive market, and I fully expect to get great service. If I don't, I will take my business to one of the many other dealers in the area. As was said, the big bucks for dealers is the ongoing service, not the one time sale.
I actually choose the dealerships I buy from based on 2 factors.

1) Are they a high pressure org. and do the sneak costs in instead of giving you the up front price.

2) How good is the service department, what are their hours of operation, do they provide you with a car if your's is in the shop etc.

Most of the time I place more value on a good service department over the sales side. I'm going to see service more often, Oil Chages and the like.

OK so that might have been more than 2 but you get the picture.

If you know a good service shop but the sales side is ify, tell the GM why you are thinking of going else where. Some shops actually do try to improve.
I understand where all of you are coming from. I do feel however, that I like to find the total package. Having a salesman who is also interested in keeping my business has helped in the past with a service department that might not have been willing to go the extra mile without their input.
Don't get me wrong - I bought both of our Hondas from the same dealer. I'll be a repeat customer as long as they treat me right. They have done a great job of keeping my wife's Pilot in shape. I do most of my own maintenance so my Ridgeline won't be seeing the dealer too often, and now with two in the garage I'll start to take over the Pilot maintenance as well.
I purchased mine from a different dealer, then where I had purchased my accord. I did give them a shot though. The salesman said he could only give 500 off for being a repeat customer. I was pretty disapointed. I purchased my RL from a dealer that is in the area I grew up in. Not to far from my home now. approx 40 min. I shopped around. Spoke with 6 dealers and took the best deal offered. I hope my RL won't be spending much time at dealer service. RRPRTS
I will drive within 100 miles to be sure I have chosen the right dealer. The service department has to be kind, understanding and knowledgeable, prices compariable not outrageous, the sales people have to listen to me when I talk and NOT interupt me, not pushy, and they have to have someone with personality behind the cashiers desk or I'm outa there!!
Just a women's point of view. :p
I bought both ridgeline at the same dealer but use a totally different dealer when going for warranty work
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