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OK, After searching the forums, I couldn't find quite what I was looking for.

I wanted to carry bikes:
1. In the back BELOW the roofline so garages and kayaks on the roof wouldn't interfere.
2. Lockable
3. Clean installation
4. Mount able to hold thru-bolt or standard axles

So....I found these: RockyMounts Locking DriveShaft SD
These hold all size thru-axles or standard fork mounts. They are 70 bucks a piece but includes locks, keys and are super super solid.

You will need a 40 and a 50 torx bit to remove one of the tie down mounts and then the smaller one for the 6 bolts that hold the back bedliner in - I almost stripped one, so careful - use an adapter for a ratchet (see pics).

The whole thing took only 20 minutes once I got the screws out.

It's very solid mounted with the back plate, however I made a big boo boo when installing. I also have road bikes, and the curled handlebars are too low for this installation. Have to move them up a bit.

Dropper post may even save me $0.02 / gallon in aerodynamics!


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