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Got my ‘21 BE last week and really like it. I have been reviewing tonneau covers for the last month and struggled with decision. Almost went back to Extang 2.0 soft tri-fold which I had on the ‘18 RTL-T. It was good. But I found a great deal on a Lomax hard tri fold on Super price and fast shipping.
Just wanted to share experience. The install was the easiest I have experienced in my last four covers. The fit is exceptional. It appears really well made, looks great, and is easy open and close. Very solid.
Will see how it performs over time but right now I would give it 5 stars.
I went with the Access soft cover, on my 2019. Pros- it adds an inch and a half to the depth of the bed, so the cover when down allows for more stowage than other covers. Installation was about 2 hours ( and a handier DIY'er would knock time off that...). It's re tensioning adjustment is easy and the rails seal pretty tightly to the sides of the bed. It Not totally watertight but pretty close. Inexpensive. CONs- the side rails cut into bed space by about an inch on each side; so the trunk bed hatch does not fully open. It's not a big deal, I can get everything i need in and out of the bed locker but the top needs to held open. It won't stay up on its own. GOOD LUCK!
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