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I've been a forum lurker for years, finally making the jump to joining.

I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I have a 2011 EXL I bought new, now with (only) 61,000 kms. I've been procrastinating the G2 RLs for months, having test driven several time and reading all the horror stories, happy stories and proud parent photos. The small dealership here has a BE in the showroom and a BE they are using for test drives. They have a few others in stock, including EX-L blue, silver and steel, Touring blue, forest, scarlet and steel.

Tonight I made the jump and put a deposit for a white Touring. I had a hard time not going with the BE - that interior is so beautiful - but I too have had enough of keeping a deep colored vehicle shiny looking. The one condition I put on the sale was they have to put Michelins on it. I have no interest in the Firestones.

The agent I dealt with says she has personally sole nine RLs since they got them over the summer. She's not sure how many the dealership has sold. Personally though, I can't say I've seen one on the road here, at least not that I recognized. But then I never noticed a G1 RL on the road until I owned one. I still see very few in the gray that I have. She said she is not aware of any coming back in with the AWL plug issue or tailgate issue, so maybe those are different on the Canadian editions.

Delivery is set for January 1 to 15. Trade in of my 11 was excellent (about 60%). I had an advantage over them on that as they have an 11 and a 12 on the lot with higher mileage and I know what they're retailing them out at. I'm a little nervous about being an early adopter, but hey, I used to buy GMs so I know what warranty is all about.

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