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Long Time Ridgeline Owner

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Good Morning All,

I've bought my first Ridgeline in Oct. 2006. Was a great truck. Leased a 2017 RTL-T on Nov 1st, last year. So far, I'm loving the new truck. I actually discovered this site eight or nine years ago, but, it wasn't until I heard about the 2nd gen coming, that I started spending more time following the discussions. It wasn't until I started watching the thread concerning Aftermarket Tonneau Covers that I decided to join. Looking forward to more info from those who have installed. I'm sure to have questions.
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Congrats on your, New G2

Love seeing the feedback from G1 owners in the G2

Welcome to the ROC.

Good Luck and Enjoy the Ride!
Welcome to the ROC!
Welcome to the ROC & Good luck with your G2!
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