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I am the founder of 2 groups, one my high school group I started 5 years ago, and the other a family group on my mother's side of the family. Neither group has 100 members, and through experience, I found that no matter what you do, you can't please everyone.

I know that in my case, when circumstances get stirred up and I start taking personal hits, it bothers me, since I do the best I know how.

Reading through all the posts, it bothers me seeing all the comments about, or suggestive of, T Mac.

I have never met the man, or had much online contact with him either, but from what I observe on here, along with my few contacts, I find the man to be a very respectable young man that must love the ROC, and us.

I, for one, would like to thank T Mac for this site and all he does to keep us up and running, and dealing with a multitude of differing opinions and personalties.

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I know a few people have asked to lock threads about the "LadyRidge left the forum" talk (is that a GUY thing?) and I'm not quite ready to stop talking about it (surely a woman thing). Either bear with me, put me on your ignore list, or click off this thread right now and don't read on.

T Mac said:
I kindly asked her to take the ridge graphic off of her online store. She kindly agreed and she did remove it, then put up a knock-off version.
This piece of your comment has been stuck in my craw the last couple of days.

The idea Pizza Man came up with to put a mountain ridge over the factory badge was a clever idea. You can see the early responses that people loved the idea and wanted one for themselves. The secondary idea was the brilliant:

Otter68 said:
That's hot! Could you make a small "" to fit under the "RIDGE" part of the badge?
To tie it into our ROC membership was devine. Without the website address it was merely code to all of us that we ROC. With the URL, it was a potential recruitement tool.

(For clarification, it seems it was at this point, not when she first put the ridge over the badge, that she attempted to get your sanction. Perhaps she was in error by not getting your approval before using the ridge, but when it came to adding the other part that completed the logo she asked before she did it. This is where things seemed to have hit the fan, not two days before when the thread was started, but I am merely piecing together a line of events from information available to all.)

Many of us were anxious to add yet another piece of advertising for the ROC to our trucks in bigger letters and an even more prominent place. What a disappointment that this turned sour on so many levels.

I can appreciate how getting caught up in the enthusiasm of a creative moment that sometimes we forget to take every proper step. Indeed, it never occured to me to get permission to use the ROC logo on the banner I had made for the AZ meet last April. This was presumably "for profit" as I purchased it from LadyRidge, though I was never sure she charged me enough to actually make a profit. Maybe she made enough to cover the freebies she had the tendency to throw in with her orders. Point being that this was a recurring opportunity that T Mac had to step in months ago to let JC know that she should not be using the logo or that she needed permission every single time she did. I can understand how she didn't see using only the ridge part of the logo as even using "the logo" until the request came in to add the words. (These comments in BLUE were added on Dec. 20, 2006, after the thread was disabled for further comments.)

I didn't think twice about lifting your logo when I made up the hundreds of business cards that I've distributed to various members and personally left on dozens of trucks. Many of us have posted our business card and brochure designs for others to use since early in 2005. Why has there been no cracking down on this activity?

I did remember to contact you (T Mac) when I made that welcome tree for the mini meet Harold and I had with NevadaGarth here in Utah last winter. That came off the front banner of the site. You graciously told me to go for it and thanked me for asking. That was well before the Sedona meet and even that interaction with you did not inspire me to ask permission for the other infractions I've made since. None have them have been secret, as I've posted about my efforts to promote the ROC.

This mess lets the wind out of my sails. I'm not so anxious to spread the word. I'm not sure I should be using your logo, indeed, it sounds as though I quite definitely should not.

OK, back to the part that really sticks in my craw. It's you saying JC is knocking off your logo. T Mac, you do not own the concept of putting a mountain range over or around the word Ridgeline. Indeed, that is a no brainer for anyone wanting to enhance or show off the brand of truck we drive. I have three decals on my truck with the word Ridgeline with a mountain ridge that my detailer made for the dealership. Do you want Sam's information so you can scold him for copyright infringement?

LadyRidge is not knocking off your logo by putting another mountain ridge above the factory badge. She is following up on a very clever idea and has every right to put any other mountain rigde across the badge that she so chooses. It was obviously her preference to tie this into the ROC to benefit all of us very special people who inhabit this space. It's a shame that it couldn't have happened that way.

PS - This thread has not been "locked" but has been disabled by the removal of post reply and quote buttons. I'm able to have access to it only because it's not "locked" completely and the edit button remains for the few of us who posted in this thread. If you happen to stumble across this, which may be tricky since the sub-category for CDC Graphics has been removed from the Advertisers and Sponsors sub-forum, and you want to read more or have any comments about the departure of LadyRidge, the only place still sanctioned to post is located here:

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None of my business, but I suspect the difference is because your use of the logo was not for profit. LR was making money from the ROC logo. Many people allow the use of copyrighted material for non-profit use, but not when used for profit, so this isn't really strange (to me).

As for using her own picture of a mountain, I agree with you 100%. ROC does not own the Ridgeline name (Honda does) and ROC does not own the mountains, only the image you see here on the ROC.
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