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Ian, what you described is exactly what I'm looking for. I sold my Ridgeline three years ago when it was obvious there would not be a second generation in the near future. Instead I bought a Mercedes ML350 SUV which has been the best vehicle in my over fifty years of ownership and driving experience.

At this stage of my life I want something that does not miss a thing with all the technology gadgets, comfort and safety features that are available and Mercedes prides itself and excels in those areas. Call it over engineered and complicated but that's okay because to someone like me who uses a Jitterbug phone even gps and blue tooth are considered complicated. I want the truck to be luxurious and have a badge of distinction with the uniqueness and exclusivity that goes along with that. And of course it has to be expensive and overpriced to have those things because they go hand in hand. In the end, it is only money.

The things I could care less about are what the majority of truck owners consider most important such as off road ability, towing or hauling capability and even gas mileage. Because I never put more than about 8,000 miles a year on a vehicle, gas mileage is not a factor for me although I understand it would be for people who drive a lot. I almost never let the tires of that truck touch terra firma, only asphalt. The most my Ridgeline ever carried in the back end was a few bags of mulch and I did not even own a tow hitch - and still don't.

My premium is placed on things such as comfort features, quiet and ride. I want a truck because I loved trucks since I was a kid and have owned several during my lifetime. I just think trucks are neat and always have. However, it must be unique, hence my attraction to the quirky Ridgeline and the reason I am still following it at this forum. There just might be a new Ridgeline in my future if they do it right and remember who their target market has always been.

In the meantime, this Mercedes should suit me very well what with its variety of gas/diesel options and several trim levels, including my choice of the ones I have read about - the leisure trim. I hope it comes to America because this truck will be built similar to the way the Ridgeline was built, ie, not for a typical truck buyer but for people like me in mind.
Why are you even interested in a pickup truck at all? How was the Ridgeline built for your needs? Because it is neat? Come on! Sticking to an SUV (rather than a truck) will offer significantly wider and likely better (for your needs) options.
1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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