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There is a 'block' from Crawford Performance that raises the position of the sensor installed in the air cleaner housing ( does not apply to pre-2009 models).

The claim is the sensor mod will provide better mpg (up to 1mpg). A few have tried it and have found some improvement.
There are no claims for any noticeable increase in power.

Jumping from regular (87 octane) fuel to premium (91 and above) will give up to 10 hp at the top RPM range. This is in the owner's manual and is recommended for towing.

If you do searches you will find topics on revising the ECU programming, installing a different intake manifold assembly, or getting better exhaust flow with a mod for the 'U' pipe that connects the exhaust manifold to the exhaust system. Most of these are a work in progress with no widely available parts or programming services.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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