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Looking for grill/headlights

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Here is the picture I am going off of:

I can't find the grill or the headlights anywhere! I want to install these on my ridgeline.
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yeah, that's pretty BA.. now, i'm interested as well.
That truck is from Japan and was in the SWIFT car shows.
The front is from a Range Rover. Essentially the whole front clip (radiator support forward) looks like its from the Range Rover. Its funny that I was looking at these videos and saved them just yesterday, when you seem to have inquired as well. I am more interested in his bitching rotor and caliper setup. Those rims are 30" and the brake/caliper must be at least 18". Nuts. Rest of the truck just looks ****ty with the open roof top, trunk full of speakers and nice 70's vinyl seats.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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