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2011 Ridgeline RTL with Navi White
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Hello! I recently purchased my first Ridgeline and I’d love to get a tonneau cover on it! It’s a 2011 RTL. I’ve been looking at the Bak Flip F1, but there’s so many other choices I can’t decide on it! I’m looking for 3 things.

1. It has to keep my bed secure, no soft cover. I also would rather have a folding cover than a rolling or retracting one.
2. It would be nice if it was more waterproof. I understand some water always gets in, and I’m ok with that! The less water the better though.
3. I’d like it to be relatively cheaper. $1100 is about at my limit. I know some people would say that’s not cheaper but some covers are a lot more than that!!

If someone could give me any ideas on what to look at that would be awesome, thanks!
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