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Am assuming you have done by now at least 3x VTM4 fluid and perhaps once the transfer case. Also assuming you have replaced DW1 multiple times. How about swapped out battery for another unit from Costco as our cars exhibit strange things when alt and battery have issues. Then how about checking torque on all spark plugs. Where you normally get fuel, change stations and perhaps run a tankful of premium.

As to the scan tool, unless it is a Honda specific tool and not a 299.99 amazon special, for peace of mind I would pay a Honda Technician who does not have to currently work at a dealer but someone who has worked on these for at least a decade of longer and has the cool toys. Even if it comes up empty well worth paying for the time.

We have seen strange things solved with just a simple battery swap and yes, the battery removed passed all diagnostic checks before being tossed out.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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