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Low beams simultaneously quit working

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My low beams died on me at the same time in my 07 Ridgeline. Everything else seems to be fine, including high beam and parking lights.

My bulbs died at seprate times about a month ago, so i have new bulbs in. The fuses were also fine. That leaves me thinking that maybe its the switch or relay?

Probably not relevant, but i recently discovered a minor power steering fluid leak in my high pressure line.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Im a college student that cant afford to take it to a shop and pay hundreds for them to tear my truck apart finding the problem.

Thanks in advance,
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If you want to eliminate the relay as the problem, look in the fuse box to see if there is another relay that can be swapped temporarily for testing.
Had same issue with our Pilot a couple of years ago. Ended up being the lighting harness and switch.
Braydon, things are not as straightforward as Hondas from late 80s and early 90s. Vehicles have gotten a bit more complex when the ABS and SRS became standard. Computerizing and consolidating ignition and fuel management has yielded a need for PCBs and microprocessors. You will need to get a Shop/Repair manual and start reading to make repairs on your own. For a college student, this is too much of a vehicle, especially parts and service are expensive.

Swap the Relays and test the Headlight switch. I had a huge issue with the halogen bulbs burning out constantly (the driver side one) and could not get away with it. I just pulled it all and ended up retrofitting it and I have been at ease since then.
I had the same problem start two weeks ago in my 2008 ridgeline. Low beams don’t work, but everything else does.
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