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I drove a 99 CRV manual for 14 years. Stopped sitting on my wallet when I was in my twenties due to back pain. I'm 6'2" 42L I stay near 205lbs. I thought I wanted a new CRV so I tried that, still tight for my size. I couldn't fit my my leg under the parking brake. The ridge is super comfortable. I love the larger seat. I drive for a living and I type in my driver seat for hours everyday. No more T-Rex typing for this guy. If only I had a place to setup a larger display for my laptop....

I do love getting adjusted and would go weekly if I could afford it. I pay 25 per adjustment and I take my little girls with me to get adjusted as well. So I only go every month or so but it's worth it.

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1 - 2 of 114 Posts
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