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It's funny, I had the same issue in my sons '04 Pilot when we took it on vacation this summer. He did most of the driving but I drove it about 2 hours into Hilton Head. After about 30 minutes I could not get comfortable. Like you I adjusted everything but my lower back still complained. I have kept my wallet in my front left pocket for may years so that wasn't the issue. I found an excuse to stop and get out for a bit and that helped a lot.

I don't think it was the ride or suspension as the Pilot seems to be a lot more cushy than my Ridgeline. I did find reclining it slightly was the most tolerable. And I too suspect the position of the left foot rest had something to do with it. It seemed a shorter distance in the pilot.

I have driven my '06 Ridge for 4+ hours non stop with no problems.
1 - 1 of 114 Posts
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