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I can relate to what you are saying erikras. I'm 6'0 and over 250lbs. I had back surgery about 3 years ago for one of my herniated disks and stenosis in 3 vertebrea. My first drive with the Ridgeline was a long one from Northern California to Southern California. Like you say after an hour I just started to feel uncomfortable and kept moving in my seat. My lower back was uncomfortable, it seemed to want to spasm.

I've had the truck almost 3 months now. I found that reclining the seat back slightly and moving it back a bit helped considerably. I'm also convinced that the seat is firmer than in other vehicles I have driven and I'm pretty sure that's part of the reason it becomes uncomfortable after a long drive. My previous car is a 05 Subaru Legacy which is small for me but had very good seats. I also drive my wife's newer Dodge Durango and have had no problems in either vehicle. The seat bottom is more confortable on those vehicles than on the Ridgeline. I think you should keep trying different positions. The more upright, the more stress on your lower back. I spent a good amount of time on a recliner during recovery after my back surgery. I loved that thing. Reclining makes a big difference.

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1 - 1 of 114 Posts
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