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lower front bumper removal?

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Curious if anyone has done this? Looking for the best way to remove the stock fog-light housings and replace with some morimoto projector led fogs. (i am not just removing and replacing the bulbs, this is a total "housing swap") These XB's throw some serious light onto the road from the reviews and youtube videos I have seen: Honda (Round): Morimoto XB LED Fogs

Wondering if I can do it by just putting the Ridge on some stand jacks and removing the bottom plastic to gain access....thoughts?
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I would look for a video. I have not messed with the fog lights on my RL but when I had to change the bulbs on my CRV that is exactly what I had to do. Well my husband had to do. On the CRV you cannot access the fog lamp assemblies anywhere but under.

Oh but it wasn't the bumper, it was the bit underneath it.
I want to resurrect this post because I am curious if you got anywhere with this. :act035:

I just Retrofit BI-XENON: MORIMOTO MINI H1 STAGE III with switchback halo lights and im curious if there is any way for the fog lights to be retrofit as well. They look sick!!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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