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Maestro SW MDS Steering control wiring help

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Anyone install the Maestro SW mds steering wheel control themselves?

I need help with the wiring. I have the instructions from maestro on which wires are what, but I dont' know where to attach them on my 2011 RTL ridgeline or where to find this information.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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If you can be more specific with your questions, you might get more responses. Just a suggestion......:)
Basically I need a wiring diagram on how to wire the steering wheel controls using the Maestro MDS.

Can anyone tell me how to wire this together or have a wiring diagram?
Zigg, I installed the Mastro in my RL to an aftermarket HU back in 2013 so the memory is hazy.

IIRC, you have to log onto their website and id your vechicle. Then you can d/w a schematic with diagram and instructions on which color wire in the Maestro ties into your aftermarket HU.

Did you do that yet?
how did you flash it? When you flash it, it gives you the wiring diagram
Thank you for the responses.

I flashed the module and have the diagram now. Couple follow up questions:

1) Can I connect the ground and accessory (12v+) wires from the Maestro to the corresponding wires on the metra harness which is already connected to the radio?

2) What is the best way to connect the wires without destroying the stock steering wheel control harness? Is there some sort of connector I can use to just tap the wires? I don't want to cut them off from the harness in case for some reason I need to put in the stock radio again.

This is the first full install I'm doing by myself, so I'm not that good yet. I know the best method is to solder, but I'm not a pro and don't want to buy a soldering gun etc. Just looking for something that is safe and works.

Thanks again!
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So here is the wiring diagram: Wiring.pdf?dl=0

Now I'm having trouble locating connector A & connector B in my car. Here is pic below:

The left connector attaches to the harness, the right connector to the antenna.

That leaves me with 2 in the middle, but they don't match the description in the wiring diagram. I believe connector A is the dark grey middle one, because i found the correct wire colors, but they aren't in the correct pin location.

Also I have NO idea where connector B is. It's supposed to be bluetooth module? but I did not have any bluetooth on the previous stock radio...

For those who have installed this before please tell me where to connect to on the vehicle side.

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Sorry, bumping this up. I have time to install it this weekend. Hoping someone can help me out. It's only 3 wires I need to connect lol. If no responses by then, I'm going to have to just try my luck and hope nothing gets fried.
the big gray one is "A" (it has the lever on it)
question 1
yes, you can use those wires, and the metra adapter actually recommend it

question 2
there are a few ways to strip it. Personally, I like "dragon head" stripper (or you may find them as automatic stripper) as it wont damage the wire. But chances are you don't have them. So what i would do is get a lighter, and heat up the stripping for a few seconds (don't burn it) then take a pair of wire strippers and gently pull it while squeezed. If done properly, the copper underneath will still be intact and the insulation is removed. Then get a pick tool, and pierce the copper wire. Run the wire from the mestro in the loop you created and tie it tight around the factory wire (loop and swoop method, or military splice). With this method, you really don't need to solder.

also, it looks like the factory wires you need to splice are white and pink, but verify with the pin possions
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