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Major Maintenance on 06 Ridgeline

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We were thinking about getting the new 2017, but after looking at the pictures and reading several articles, it just didn't wow us like the original design. So we bit the bullet and had some major work done on our 06 Ridgeline at the 90K mile mark.

Had both complete front strut assemblies (springs, bearings and shocks) replaced. Had a terrible clunk from the right front. Checked the water bottle, tight with no noise. Figured it was strut and/or bearing issues based on the handling and some great tips here in the ROC. Both shocks and the bearings were beat to death. Was surprised that the sway bar bushings and links were in great shape...go figure. Maybe those miles in Alaska and the trip down the Alaska Highway did more wear than we thought.

Finished up with a 4-wheel alignment, installed the complete timing belt kit, and replaced one motor mount. Felt that with the years in Alaska followed by almost seven years in the heat of Sin City we wouldn't push the timing belt replacement.

All this was a little pricey at $2100 out the door, but I don't turn many wrenches anymore. This was the first major work we've had done since we've owned the truck. This works out to around $18/mo for those maintenance items. That figure does not include normal oil changes, other fluids, brakes, and one set of tires. Even being retired, we can live with that.

Yes, the 06 does not have the latest and greatest electronics and other improvements. But, at 90K the truck rides and drives like new, not to mention no car payments :) All the posts in this forum helped us make sure we replaced some of the additional items recommended during this type of maintenance.

Got to love the ROC!
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have you considered pre-emptive replacement of the radiator to avoid SMOD?
have you considered pre-emptive replacement of the radiator to avoid SMOD?
We have been following the threads on this too and understand that the corrosion happens from the inside out. But here's a picture of one of the fittings (what a pain to get a picture of). Not convinced it's time to do the radiator yet. We live in Sin in that spirit do we roll the dice :)


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