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Me and ny Ridge

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I am a real moron when it comes to a computer, but I think I got this picture download finally.
My beautiful wife took this picture 02191905.JPG (53.6 KB)


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Love the pin-stripe. I may try that.
Ditto steve. I just decided to get the pins. Thanks for sharing Jules!! She's a beaut!!!! :)
I like the pins also. In the photo its hard to tell what color they are it looks like black. If you could advise on the color and if you don't mind aprox. price.
I like the truck and pin stripe, but still can't decide whether I want to put one on or not.
I really like that stripe. I'm thinking of dark blue.
That would look great on that blue shovel!!
JulesK said:
My beautiful wife took this picture
Where's the RL pic with her standing by it? :D

PS: I'm not asking just because you said she was beautiful...Ladyridge feels lonely being the only woman here and I thought it would help her feel not so lonely.
if Jules' wife shows up in this forum, she would be the first female. It's kind of like my college days at Virginia Tech. There was 100 men for each woman. Every woman was beautiful.
Blue said:
if Jules' wife shows up in this forum, she would be the first female.
Oh, I think LadyRidge probably deserves that honor. Maybe there have even been others before her.
You are absolutely right. Ladyridge is our first female member. I was refering to first female photo. Regardless, ladyridge is our first lady.
Ladyridge posted her pic already too. Sorry.
You guys are too much! Thanks for the compliments. The pinstripe costs about $60, but the dealer threw it in the purchase. The door edge guards are clear with the glue part only on the backside and costs $10 per door installed.
I love the pinstripe, too, but can't decide whether I want one on my white Ridgeline or not. I saw a white one with black pinstripe and we liked it and wanted it, but when we went to the dealership to pick it up, they hadn't done it yet. Then I thought it looked good as is, but after seeing yours...I'm still sittin' on the fence trying to decide. Anyone care to give their opinion?

Mrs. Diverace
To my eyes, it breaks up the large vertical door size, blending the two "halves" into the fender and rear quarter. I'm looking for a striper in my area.
Very unique and original mod. Two thumbs up on your Ridgeline. :)
Here is a little better look at the pinstripes


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We have seen your beautiful truck, your beautiful house and you. You did mention your beautiful wife that others have insisted on...

Perhaps JK means just kidding?

Do you mean my Ridge instead of ny Ridge?
Re: Me and My Ridge

OK Blue,
My wife , LaDonna is Standing wearing a white sweatshirt
Ok Ok my upload did not work. Contact Ladyridge, she has a pic of my wife.
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