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Hi, I recently moved to Clearwater and bought a Ridgeline with nearly 260K miles. I sold the one I had in CA where I had a great mechanics for it. I was seriously spoiled there but I'm hoping to find one here.
My "new" (260K-mile) 2006 Ridgeline needs a lot. It runs but it needs some TLC. I'll be doing some, but some I can't do.
I need a good, honest, knowledgeable, reasonable mechanics who can go through it, prioritize what needs to be done, and work with me over time to bring this great vehicle to where it can be a total please to drive.
I find Yelp ad Google reviews rather useless when it comes to mechanics.
Any leads from ROC members in the area?
Note: I'll do my due diligence with leads I get so I won't hold anyone on ROC responsible for whatever happens with mechanics mentioned to me.
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