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Member for years. Looking to be more active here!

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Picked up my RTX in 2012 with 58,000 miles in San Antonio, Texas from a dealer. Paid 19k.

I've had a 1995 Silverado 1500 2wd, 2004 Chevy Tahoe 2wd, and a 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 2wd. Great vehicles, all of them. But I never towed anything of serious weight, and the v8's under normal driving conditions were very thirsty. I was going to move to Colorado and knew a 2wd v8 truck wasn't the best in the snow/ice.

After countless hours of searching I came across the Honda Ridgeline. This truck came with so many bells and whistles that others in my price range didn't even come close to. Crew Cab, AWD, Unibody, rear power window, bed with lights and a huge trunk. Hell yeah. During my first test drive I noticed the decrease in power from my history with v8's. That was about the only thing that I noticed were the Ridgeline came up short. The handling was far better and the interior was still very spacious. I am over 6ft tall and many of my friends are as well. Truck easily accommodates (I believe it is still one of the largest interior cabins in its class).

First thing I equipped the truck with was larger tires. The ride quality greatly improved! The truck is still very quite in the cabin on the highway. I had the stock tires on for to short of a time to get a proper MPG reading. With Michelin LTX A/S 255/65/17 the truck gets consistently 16.5 in very busy city driving, to 21 on a road trips with the truck fully loaded (four adults, camping gear for all, and four mountain bikes). Highly recommend this change to slightly larger tires for Ridgeline owners running stock tires. Never had tire rub. I do plan on installing a 2" lift kit in the future.

TL: DR Truck is great for road trips, put bigger tires on it :grin:


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Welcome to the ROC,

Congratulations on your new vehicle.

Looks Great...

Good Luck and Enjoy the Ride...
Congrats on your RL and welcome {back} to the ROC!
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