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This topic has been well covered on the forum but thought I'd toss in my $.02 for what it's worth.

Familiar with voltage and current demand from incandescent, fluorescent and LED lighting in a motorhome, the befits of lowering current demand from the starting battery of the RL made perfect sense, so using info found on this excellent forum, a white LED kit for the 06 was ordered from ebay. It included vanity mirror, interior overheads, door/curb and bed lighting.

The pure white light emitted from the overheads became obnoxious on a recent road trip. Passengers complained of being blinded during pit stops at oh-dark-thirty. So I first reinserted the incandescent bulbs. The difference being less light output combined with a glare reducing yellow tinge.

I got to thinking about it and decided to order yellow and red LED's for the overheads. In this photo, the front fixture has yellow LED's, the rear fixture is factory incandescent.

Night Light Lighting Vehicle Car

Yellow LEDs make the incandescent bulbs appear pure white in the photo but it doesn't look that stark when viewed in person.

Thinking that ships, spies and covert agents of evil often use red to avoid detection from a distance, maintain readability and prevent eye fatigue when going back and forth between light sources, I tried the red LED's. That's a no go Captain. Este es no bueno. Maybe when going full undercover, they'll come in handy but for normal use, I'm scraping that idea. Besides, it turns the RL into what a friend called a "mobile brothel".

The door curb LEDs do their job nicely. They especially come in handy when the 2.5lb tea cup Chihuahua needs to step out real quick for a pee. She can see perfectly. LOL.

Vehicle Car Vehicle door Automotive exterior Automotive lighting

White LEDs in the bed do a great job. Way better than incandescent but I wish Honda had placed them differently. Have some ideas on what to do about that. Someday....
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