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I use Fresh Cap I get from Tractor Supply every year to place in various places in my motor home. The smell is not bad from the fresh cap but mice do not like it. I have not had any mice in 8 years. I do live in a small city but have many animals that come out of the woods at night.

Smyrna, TN
I to had a mouse issue. Opening up the glove compartment seeing shred up papers. They weren’t making the nest there. They were taking it back to the trunk. I cleaned the truck front to back and top to bottom. Then wiping it down with alcohol. Instead of using poison, we got those Tom Cat super glue traps and put some peanut butter. Also used silica packets. There is no longer a mice issue. With poison you take the risk that it might die in a vent that you can’t easily get to. It happened to me in another truck. As someone mentioned on an earlier post there is a vent on the right side where the spare tire is.
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