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Michigan Area

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Would like to get together a Michigan Meet.
E-mail me at [email protected]
Send your e-mail and info so we can get you
on a mailing list for upcoming events.

Look forward to hearing from you proud owners.

Steph and Lori
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Welcome aboard RainbowRidgers!

How about Cleveland, Ohio on November 5th at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Just kidding, but would love to see you there. Maybe next year we could put together a national meet somewhwere in between. Plan yours far enough out so that everyone can have time to plan for it. Not too far out that weather could become an issue. Although snow won't be a problem for Ridgelines, it may just make the trip a little bit more of an adventure. I can't wait for our first real snowfall to go for a ride! Also, keep the chatter up so that the topic and the thread stay visible on the ROC. Best of luck with your meet!

Once again, welcome aboard!
Welcome to the ROC family. We're glad your here.

I would be interested.
As U-H said, we are having a ROC @ the ROCK on November 5. Maye it's not to late to come on down and join the party. Help us make it the biggest meet yet.
Enjoy the ride. :p
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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